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Student Council and Ambassador Leader’s visit to DC

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Written by : Dr. Suzanne Miles.

Mari Guillen, Community Campus student in Adult Education and former student representative to the BOG, just completed a successful day on the hill in Washington DC with me advocating for national community college issues including adult education. She visited these offices: Jon Kyl, Raul Grijalva, and Ed Pastor. Materials were also distributed to John McCain and Jeff Flake. Mari had lengthy sessions with Raul Grijalva (a picture of Mari and Representative Grijalva will be sent later) and also with staff at Ed Pastor’s office (where we have another photo of her with Pastor’s staff.) She also took a tour of the Capitol building and sat in the gallery to listen to a discussion and a vote in the House of Representatives.

Mari was particularly passionate about the need to increase funding for adult education. This is very important because of the change in who can apply for Pell Grants. Students without a high school diploma or a G.E.D. will no longer be able to apply for these grants. Consequently, if we can advocate for increasing funds for adult education then these potential students can work on earning their G.E.D. and ideally move forward into higher education and secure financial aid.

It has been a very long couple of days for Mari; but, be assured she is a passionate, genuine advocate for our students. You would all have been so proud of her.

Best regards and see you back in Tucson on Friday. Dr. Miles


One Response to “Student Council and Ambassador Leader’s visit to DC”
  1. Laura Porfirio says:

    Go Mari Guillen!! We knew you’d be the best representative from Arizona ever!

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