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Carolina Chavez

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Adult Education is the power break down the plethora of obstacles in my life. Some people think Adult Education is not for them because it’s embarrassing. I used to think like that before I started it. I am in Adult Education and up to day I have gained a lot of skills in different areas, like math, reading, and writing that have changed my life. The value of all this is tremendous, because now I can help my girls with their homework. I can see how they look at me in different way, with more respect. Also I had a few offers to work in office job, and is because the skills that I been learning in Adult Education. I really enjoy my time in class with all my classmates and wonderful teachers, working together to achieve better skills.

When I started I was thinking to get just my GED, but now after been working and learning I change my mind. Today my goal is not just the GED certificate. I want to become a nurse. My inspiration to come back to school are my daughters, I want to be their role model.

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